Sample Red Oak Engrave

This is about a 90mm x 120mm red oak board. The power was 100% (5.5 watts ?) with a speed of 1000mm/m. Single pass with air enabled. The graphic is a .dxf file obtained from the internet. My LASER software is Lightburn.

I scrub all my engravings with soap (Dawn) and water to remove burn and soot residue. (A secret seldom mentioned by others.) Then allow to dry.

I then swab the wood with pure (clear) mineral oil to enhance the natural wood color.

The level of detail is wonderful. The single pass depth on this board is 1mm at the hard fibers and up to 3mm in the soft.

Many examples of this quality exist on the internet. I am showing my machine is full capable of this detail. The (compressed) spot size is a claimed 0.08mm with this LASER, with standard diode spot size being 0.16mm. I set my LPI to 300 (0.085mm)

Works for me. Here are a couple of carvings into bamboo with similar results.

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