Time Flies?

WOW! Time flies, really…

Been away from LASER activity. Overcome by the Covid 3D Print bug. Need to get away from that for awhile. I think I am developing an allergy to PolyLactic Acid fumes. (A type of plastic used with 3D printing.)

There is a lot of smoke generated with LASER burning, engraving, cutting, whatever. So who is to say what is least detrimental to one’s health. 

Just avoid the fumes in whatever activity in which one is participating. Or just viewing for that matter…

In any case, I was given an assignment by my spouse to produce a custom engraved cutting board for one of her friends. Not a SWMBO command, as I like to be assigned to do things I enjoy.

Lead picture shows the finished board. 

I was away from the system for so long, I had to pause to remember some of the small set-up details. Also in the lapse period the LightBurn software made a full update as did the WIN11 OS on my shop computer. Lots of software updates before I could do any  LASER engraving.

Now that summer has returned and the workshop is no longer below 50 degrees, I’ll spend more time with LASER projects.

I actually do all the design in my comfortable air conditioned home office and do the actual LASER work in the shop where I can manage the smoke. 

Just thinking a totally sealed, big dollar LASER could be operated in the office (with proper venting) but there is no room. I don’t have a desire to make that kind of an investment since the present system gives me all the results I desire. 

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