Getting Framed

I found a way to combine 3D printing with LASER engraving.

LASER engraved items like cutting boards and tissue boxes are straight-forward. Take an engrave-able item and add engraving. A caveman could do it.

I am looking at the flat panel line engravings I have been making. The actual engravings look great. But they are not applied to anything special. But a way to display these examples is to put them in frame. 

My 3D printer is a good frame maker. So I have put the two together. Print a custom frame to fit the laser print. It actually look much better than a lonely piece of plywood with a LASER engraving. It’s that finishing touch. 

Here are a few more examples.

The Maya Calendar is what inspired my frame idea. The picture above the engraving is inserted within a blue frame. An earlier picture that looks exactly the same, I had used a large blue coaster. The calendar was setting on the back side, not inside the coaster, but it looked framed. I really liked the look, so made this frame that looks exactly the same, but the engraving is now inset within the frame.

The green box with black lid is an extension of the idea. The discoloration on the front is my reflection. The black is quite shiney.

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