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Many hours invested in new LASER projects in the last week. The lead photo is a simple cutting pad / cutting board project. My spouse is a quilter and discovered a cheaply priced stash of the green self healing cutting pads on one of her quilting trips and brought home ten of them. I have created a smaller version in the past in this same style of applying them to a bamboo cutting board. All I added was the LASER burned boarder on this one to dress it up a bit.

My son Steven, is the artist generating the images in the following photos. Now aged over fifty, he made these pen and ink drawings about 16 years ago. We have one original framed and hanging on the wall just outside my home office.

I have just turned a copy of the one we have and several more of them into LASER engravings from his original art.

The frames shown on the last two pictures, and applied to four of the LASER engravings, were created using a CETUS2, two color, FDM, 3D printer. All frames are custom sized using CAD, to fit each print.

I enjoyed combining my two hobby interests, LASER engraving and 3D printing. Will certainly be doing much more of these types of artistic prints. Wonder if I can get my son back into Pen&Ink drawings?

Here is the Train Station in finished form. I first seal the print surface with shellac to take away the bright white of the raw wood. Lightly buff with steel wool when dry. Then add a coat of spar urethane varnish as second sealer.

The frame is created with the CETUS2 3D printer (a five hour print) and the engraving is epoxied into the frame from the front.

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