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Just ordered one of these 20 watt (output) Diode LASER xTool D1 Pro engraver/cutters. Operates the same as my present 5 watt (output) diode LASER sold by TallTree,  Read my TallTree blog post HERE.  The D1 Pro has all the same ENVIRONMENT exposure issues as my originaL. But is four times the available power and a huge increase in X/Y print area. 

The LASER head is actually four 5 watt diodes operating is an optical additive arrangement.  Operational LASER power level is of course variable and software controlled. The higher available power will be used for cutting as well as speeding up general engraving. I expect 100% power will not often be needed or used.

This machine choice was made because I like the operation life of my present Diode LASER with very low power and cooling requirements. 

I am already pleased with my 5 watt diode LASER operation. Now I plan to be more pleased. Speed will be much improved, but more important for me is I will be able to work with larger surface area projects. The cutting boards I have been making are too big to do in one operation with my original LASER. 

Smoke is a topic seldom mentioned in home LASER engravers. There is a LOT of smoke generated. I work within an open door garage with fans running with this type of open frame LASER. There is the odor of smoke but it is not visible with the dilution of all the moving air.

I also ordered the air nozzle option for the D1Pro so I will not have to invent my own. This is an absolute must for clean burning. If considering this activity, put the air nozzle on the “Must Have” list for any machine under consideration.

All other operation will be much the same as my present system. I will be using the same control software which is a professional level LASER package called LightBurn. Not free but well worth the small investment.

More about the new hardware once I have it in hand and operational. Just wanted to post on my expectations and the decision made.

When I first started, I wasn’t sure where LASER engraving as a craft hobby was going to take me. I admit it was a very slow start. 

But I am very glad I didn’t jump into a high power and very expensive CO2 LASER system. I have never felt I had to “self justify” myself for my low cost starter machine. With the experienced gained, I still don’t have a desire for a CO2 machine.

When I saw the 20 Watt Diode D1 Pro coming to market, it grabbed my attention. I saw most of the design errors of my present machine (such as sloppy routed wiring) were corrected and it was four times the power with easy to managed Diode LASER.  The bigger build area (430mm x 405mm) was the clincher. TallTree is 300mm x 300mm. That’s 900 cm2 ver 1742 cm2 of the D1 Pro. 

This is just my personal expectations. I post again with the new LASER machine in operation. Then, as Paul Harvey used to say, “Standby for news …and now for the rest of the story.”

2 thoughts on “xTool D1 Pro 20”

  1. July 29,2022 – Update
    Nothing heard from xTool since order confirmation. Will assume no news is good and all is moving forward. Actually, I don’t expect communication unless there IS a delivery problem. Release date is still 12 days away with shipping in “Mid August”, so plenty of time for me to just anticipate delivery.
    My 5-watt LASER still working hard here in the Texas heat. Shop is 95+F deg and 5 watt engraving is very slow. Last run was 6 hours continuous. Looking forward to faster prints!

  2. Haven’t received my X-tool D1 pro (ships from California on 22nd Aug.) and X-tool is already showing a new diode LASER head. Not better but different. It is an infrared LASER (longer wavelength) and designed to engrave METAL! I suspect it is also a 20 watt output. Supposed to engrave silver and many other metals. (I wonder what vaporized silver smells like?) Has grabbed my interest as a silversmith.

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