Xtool D1 Pro 20

The Eagle has Landed

The Xtool D1 Pro 20 watt LASER has landed at KautzCraft! 

It is everything I expected it would be. Good size, well made and good power LASER. 20 watts is way more power than I need at 100% for normal engraving. 50% LASER power is about perfect with 3600mm/m travel speeds (60mm/s).

The high power will be used when I need to do serious LASER cutting. 

My old LASER is a bit of a toy in comparison. But it was doing what I expected. 5 watts LASER power is fine if you can spend the time. Power is speed with LASER engravers.

Not much to show, as this is day two of its presence. I am learning how it works differently with Lightburn control software as compared to my old machine.  Biggest change is the “HOME” location changed form the lower left on the old machine to upper left.

Old files used on the first machine need some editing before I can run them on the Pro. No big deal. Just a bit of extra work before printing old work.

For now I can happily give it two thumbs up as a very good purchase decision for my needs. 

I will be posting more about the D1 Pro 20 in the future,

First prints

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