Topographical Lightburn

This is a new engraving project I created. The graphic is a topographical map of Frisco. Texas (USA). Roads, streets, highways, and ground contours are the lines in the graphic.

Total engrave time was 45 minutes on the side shown with another five minutes to engrave the KautzCarft Laser logo on the reverse side. The graphic was created with 100% power (20watts) with a 100mm/s speed. The lettering was 70% power (14 watts) with 120mm/s speed. I used more power on the map because the lines were very thin. In my opinion it all worked and looks quite well.

The wood is bamboo and was treated with mineral oil after this picture.

I made an exact copy for my neighbor with of course, a proper name change. So not an exact copy. Easy project once the proper map was located in the internet

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