Three Pumpkins

I bought a collection of laser-able graphics from an artist named Fotuna Here is the website. A lifetime access is US $49.12 at this moment. Includes the current collection worth well more than that. I figure future graphics (300+ per year) will just be a bonus as long as it lasts. 

Of course one must like his style, so perhaps not for everyone.

The good part is a commercial use license to use is included. I can create and sell anything I want using the drawings. I just can’t sell the drawing itself. No interest in selling the drawings from me…

Here is my first attempt. Three pumpkins engraved and cut out on 1/8 (3mm) ply. The drawings are huge, detailed and scaleable. This is only 80mm high. (The biggest scrap of plywood I had at the time.) I could have made one as big as my LASER bed. (larger view)

Look for more of these drawing designs in my future work. A great purchase.

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