Bamboo LASER Engraving

Bamboo cutting boards are always popular material for LASER engraving. Sometimes it can be a bit of an appearance “crap shoot” due to variations in bamboo hardness used in the board production. This creates light and dark areas in some boards. It’s a natural material and I consider it a “feature” rather than a problem. There may be bamboo item producers creating highly “select” cutting boards with fully matched fibers. I am not knowledgeable about the production process.

The boards I use for everyday use are certainly not top premium grade. However, if I get a commissioned ($$) work to produce, my selection will be much more selective and higher quality and cost. “You gets what you pays for…” 🙂

These boards serve my everyday purpose.

I apply a “food safe” mineral oil and let it soak in. Don’t get hung up on food safe. It’s not poison. It helps reduce organic juices from soaking into the surface IF the board is used for food prep.

Tessa is my grand-daughter. She uses “bee” as a nick-name. The other board is obviously my (and Gloria) wedding anniversary date.

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