Thoughts and Ideas

Blowing Smoke

I may have a chance to do some LASER projects for profit. The opportunity may not develop, but it’s making me think of how I should manage such opportunities if the door opens. My present LASER is 5.5 watts output, diode type. A baby for doing any kind of commercial work. The penalty for low …

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Low Power LASER

Been using my little LASER for a while. I have a few more comments to share. First, it works as advertised. Meaning there is nothing defective about the hardware or the software and how it was designed. That’s not saying it is the perfect small LASER engraver. It does the job.  It IS a low …

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More Air

Air assist is a “must have” feature with a LASER engraver.  The LASER works without the air assist but so much better with the air in use. Dense smoke is eliminated and the cuts are so much cleaner.  I am certain there will be reasons for not using the air assist. It must be a …

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It’s Aliiiive!

Assembled my Totem S LASER yesterday. As how all the low cost CNC machines from China are shipped, it was a box of parts needing assembly. Extremely well packaged, there was no damage or missing parts. Shipping is a science the Chinese have mastered. The assembly instructions are far from the superior mark. Certainly not …

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