June 2021

More Air

Air assist is a “must have” feature with a LASER engraver.  The LASER works without the air assist but so much better with the air in use. Dense smoke is eliminated and the cuts are so much cleaner.  I am certain there will be reasons for not using the air assist. It must be a …

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Air Assist

Today I will experiment with air assist with the laser engraver. The process is very similar to mist cooling with metal cut milling operations and also similar to chip clearing with my overheard CNC wood router and with my wax milling on my Taig.  This is not my first experience with air assist. This time …

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Making the Cut

I am now engraving small bamboo cutting boards. Shown here are the six inch by eight inch size. I have done four of them to date.  On order are a dozen twelve inch by nine inch bamboo cutting boards. I have no design ideas at present.  I will have them “in stock” for when I …

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